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Introduction of injection mold and molding products system
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Introduction of injection mold and molding products system

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Introduction of injection mold and molding products system

As you know, injection molding molds are the mother tools used to produce injection molded products.

As I am sure you can understand, molds have a great impact on the quality, cost and productivity of injection molded products.

The molding product production system consists of the following subsystems.

Molding product production system --

Injection molding machine

The mould

Mold temperature regulating device

Molding product removal device

Molding material supply device

Inspection device for molded products

Secondary processing plant

Air Conditioning management Unit (clean room)


In order to achieve the overall optimization of the molding product production system, the following management objectives (objectives) need to be defined by numerical data.

1. Quality indicators of molding products (important control size and control tolerance, surface roughness, burr control indicators, light transmittance, etc.)

2. Forming cycle (the shorter the better)

3. Price of molding products

4. Mold maintenance cycle and maintenance cost

5. Expected production quantity of molding products (optimistic forecast quantity and pessimistic forecast quantity)

6. Mold depreciation expense

7. Other important matters


Once the strategy for the production system of the molded product has been established in this way, we can then determine the design and manufacture specifications for the mold.

Even if mold procurement is very cheap, because the molding quality may be uneven, may require frequent maintenance, molding cycle may be very long and other reasons, the investment in mold enterprises may ultimately suffer huge losses.




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