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Introduction of connector mold insert molding
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Introduction of connector mold insert molding

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Introduction of connector mold insert molding

Connector molds are basically hardware, this time it is necessary to take the method of insert molding to solve, Fansda has many years of experience in insert molding, but also to provide customers with a variety of connector mold insert molding scheme, so we need to find the connector mold Fansda is right.

What is connector mold insert molding

The insert molding method is mainly used for injection molding casings with brass screws and shafts, and for molding electronic parts with metal terminals and contacts. In this process, the insert is installed in the cavity while the connector mold is open, and then the mold is closed for injection molding. For example, we most commonly used connector mold insert molding.

Fanstar connector mold insert molding scheme


Advantages and challenges of the connector mold insert molding method

Advantages: Reduced post-molding assembly, reduced size and weight, reduced production costs, and more durable and reliable function.

Challenges: Potential problems, post-processing, alcohol cleaning, and molding issues arise during the process.

Connector mold insert molding method is a high value-added molding method, which can produce high quality precision electronic parts and auto parts products at low cost. And if there is not enough technical strength, can not maintain stable mass production processing.

The advantages of Festad

The mission of Fanstal FANSTAR people is to master the core technology of injection molding production, from the production needs of finished products to do technical communication and analysis with customers before mold production, so that the mold delivery time is short, long life, rapid mass production and good quality of finished products! Fstad people always adhere to the original intention of helping customers solve problems, quickly deliver the molds required by customers, and ultimately to win with customers for the purpose of.




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