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Introduction of IMD in-mold injection molding process
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Introduction of IMD in-mold injection molding process

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Introduction of IMD in-mold injection molding process

IMD is a technology that puts the printed decorative sheet into the injection mold, and then injects the gum on the back of the molded sheet, and performs the insert decoration at the same time of injection molding.


IMD in-mold injection products have the characteristics of stability, durability, 3D complex shape design, diversified styles, simplified process and reduced cost and man-hours, and are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electronics, computers and communications industries.


The development prospect of IMD in-mold injection molding is good. IMD technology can realize injection molding, decoration integration, one-time completion, and can make various special effects. The promotion and popularization in the plastics industry can truly realize the significance of energy saving and environmental protection. It will bring huge economic and environmental benefits to society and enterprises.




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