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Introduction and application of injection mould POM resin
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Introduction and application of injection mould POM resin

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Introduction and application of injection mould POM resin

POM resin is a homopolymer and copolymer in strength, heat resistance, forming conditions and other aspects of the difference. POM resin is an engineering plastic that has good strength and heat resistance due to its high crystallinity. The flow ratio of POM resin is "the use of POM resin, with 900kgf/cm2 injection pressure to let it flow in the cavity of the plate thickness of 1mm, the flow ratio (L/t) is 450 ~ 530mm".


It has been widely used in plastic gear, electronic components, auto parts, precision machinery parts and other fields. Although it can be used for injection molding, but because it is a crystalline resin, the molding shrinkage rate is large, so it needs to be properly designed to ensure the stability of the size. The main uses of injection mould POM resin are shown as follows.

1. Auto parts: fuel gauge, fuel tank, door rearview mirror worm gear, rearview mirror bracket, fuel pump, radiator drain cock

2. Electrical and electronic components: CD sound picking unit, switch rod, DVD drive assembly/pulley CAM, magnetic recording equipment roller

3. Precision components: clock gear, bearing

4. Others: shower faucet, fastener, gas meter parts, washing tray parts


One of the biggest characteristics of injection mould POM resin is its self lubricity. This is a valuable property for parts such as gears and bearings, which are often subject to friction. In injection molding must pay attention to, if a long time stay in the cylinder, thermal decomposition will occur. The mission of Fansstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before injection molding with customers from the production needs of finished products, so as to make the injection mold delivery time short, long life, rapid mass production and finished product quality excellent! If you need injection molding, please contact us!




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