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Introduction and application of electric product injection mold
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Introduction and application of electric product injection mold

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Introduction and application of electric product injection mold

Electric product injection mold refers to the injection mold used in the production process of electric product. Injection mold is a tool used to produce plastic products, by melting the plastic into the mold, to be cooled to get the desired shape of the product. Injection moulds for electric products are widely used in electronic products, auto parts and other fields, which is of great significance to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Electric product injection mold has the following characteristics:

1. Fast molding speed: electric product injection mold adopts high-speed molding technology, which can quickly complete the production of plastic products and improve production efficiency.

2. High precision: Due to the use of high-precision processing equipment for electric product injection molds, it can ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of products.

3. Strong corrosion resistance: electric product injection molds are usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, etc., which can adapt to different production environments.

4. Strong pressure holding ability: electric product injection mold has strong pressure holding ability, which can ensure good stability of products under pressure holding state and improve product quality.

5. Wide range of application: electric product injection molds are suitable for the production of plastic products of different materials and different shapes, and have strong versatility.

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Electric product injection molds are widely used in the following scenarios:

1. Electronic products: such as mobile phone shell, tablet computer shell, charger shell and other electronic product shell manufacturing.

2. Auto parts: such as automotive interior parts, lamp shell, bumper and other auto parts production.

3. Household appliances: such as air conditioning shell, refrigerator shell, washing machine shell and other household appliances manufacturing.

4. Medical equipment: such as medical equipment shell, equipment parts and other medical equipment manufacturing.

5. Other fields: electric product injection molds can also be used in daily necessities, toys and other fields to meet the production needs of different products.

With the popularity of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, electric product injection molds will achieve a higher level of intelligence, which will improve production efficiency and product quality consistency, reduce labor costs; With the increasingly high precision requirements of plastic products, electric product injection molds will pursue higher precision and more refined processing technology. Through the use of advanced processing equipment and fine testing instruments, to achieve high precision development.




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