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Injection molding shrinkage and glue into the mouth line how to solve
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Injection molding shrinkage and glue into the mouth line how to solve

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Injection molding shrinkage and glue into the mouth line how to solve

Injection molding process, we often meet the injection molding product shrinkage and manner into the glue lines, in order to solve this problem a lot of factory also provides a good solution, perfect or accurate but small make up that may not be enough, according to today Fan Shi of injection mould for many years of industry experience, small make up made a summary and finishing, Hope you can help you to solve these two problems thoroughly after reading.

Injection molding shrinkage how to solve

1, if you can scientifically and empirically accurately know the molding shrinkage rate, then in the design of the injection mold, you can expand the cavity according to the shrinkage, so as to ensure that the processed molding products exactly reach the required size.

2. The shrinkage rate of injection mold is mainly affected by the type of molding material, cavity surface temperature, pressure holding and pressure holding time, the thickness of molding products, the shape of the gate and whether there are additives in the molding material.

3. The product of holding pressure and holding time after resin filling will also affect the shrinkage rate. Generally speaking, the higher the holding pressure and the longer the holding time, the smaller the shrinkage of injection molding.


Injection molding into the glue tone lines how to solve

1, if there is a return material added, first stop using try; Dry the raw material thoroughly, and do not let it damp again while waiting.

2, increase the back pressure, this is to increase the exhaust pressure, conducive to the melting section of the raw material in the gas pressure out.

3. If the parting surface of the injection mold passes through the rubber inlet, try to loosen the closing mold. If the process measures are ineffective, try to enlarge the gate size, set up the exhaust groove near the rubber inlet, etc.

4, the injection mold into the mouth line is likely to be caused by the final pressure retaining feed, reduce the temperature of the homogenization section to prevent degradation.

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