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Injection molding common problems and solutions
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Injection molding common problems and solutions

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Injection molding common problems and solutions

In the process of injection molding, we often encounter a variety of problems. Today, Xiaobian summarizes the common problems and solutions in injection molding. I hope our experience in injection molding can help you, and welcome you to actively communicate!

1. The injection molding material contains glass fiber. Can we choose the anti-drawing gate sleeve?

Do not apply. Because the glass fiber is easy to wear the anti-drawing septum, so that it forms an inverted shape, which leads to the injection mold flow channel is not easy to demold.

2. What is the main role played in the injection mold of the positioning ring?


Using the positioning ring, the injection mold can be quickly connected to the injection molding machine when the mold is changed, and the time of mold adjustment can be greatly shortened. Accurate docking can reduce the damage phenomenon of injection molding machine nozzle. In addition to locating the gate sleeve, the positioning ring can also be used as a fastener to hold the fitting in place.

3. What should be paid attention to when using the injection mold high-efficiency gate sleeve?

The high efficiency gate sleeve is only suitable for injection molding machines with nozzle front diameter of about 3mm. Due to the different molding conditions set by the traditional gate sleeve, please adjust the injection pressure and molding temperature accordingly according to the type of resin.

4. If the cylinder encounters poor induction, how to conduct simple investigation?

(1) Confirm whether the induction line is damaged, keep the connection between the induction line and the injection molding machine, and use the magnet to approach the induction line if there is a signal, then judge the induction line OK; (2) Confirm whether the magnetic field of the injection mold is affected, maintain the connection between the induction line and the injection molding machine, remove the cylinder from the injection mold and confirm separately if there is a signal, then judge the magnetic field interference on the mold; ③ If the cylinder has no signal, it can be judged that the cylinder has been degaussed according to the actual die temperature.


5. What are the advantages of using double circle type date stamps?

(1) The changeover chapter can be used for 6 years, saving the time of replacing the internal injection mold inserts in the past, and thus reducing the cost; (2) The arrow positioning of the inner insert adopts the steel ball indexing and inversion structure, which improves the accuracy, and has good durability to the gas and high temperature produced during injection molding.

6. What are the advantages of induction cylinder?

The induction cylinder can freely control the set stroke and provide signal to the injection molding machine to monitor the trajectory and position of the cylinder movement, so as to facilitate the realization of automatic production.

7. How to solve the difficulties of gate stripping?


The taper hole of the gate sleeve is difficult to process, so standard parts should be used as far as possible. If you need to process by yourself, you should also make your own or buy special reamer. The cone hole should be ground to Ra0.4 or above. In addition, a gate pulling bar or gate ejection mechanism must be provided.

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