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Injection mold structure detail | Fanstar of mould
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Injection mold structure detail | Fanstar of mould

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Injection mold structure detail | Fanstar of mould

The injection mold is composed of two parts: moving mold and fixed mold. The moving mold is the moving part of the mold in the process of opening before the injection molding is ready to push out or take the product. The moving part is the fixed mold. Vertical injection molding machine is also known as the upper mold, in the horizontal injection molding machine is also known as the front mold. Correspondingly, the dynamic mode is also called the lower mode and the post mode. Fixed die is also called concave die, female die, moving die is convex, also known as convex die, male die. The corresponding injection mold structure of the product may vary, but their basic structure is the same.


This section describes the main components

Upper die fixing plate: fixed on the frame of injection molding machine. The upper die fixing plate is fixed with the front template and the front die kernel.

Template and mold: The template is mainly used to carry the mold, and there is a cooling runner in it for cooling the product located in the mold cavity after injection. The front and back molds form the cavity, which is the empty area into which the plastic flows.

Guide sleeve and guide column: guide sleeve is equivalent to a sliding bearing, guide column in the opening and closing of the mold slide. Guide posts are mainly used for positioning in the process of opening and closing mold to avoid misalignment of upper and lower formwork after mold closing. It belongs to injection mold rough positioning system.


Die foot: Supports space for ejection system. There are upper and lower thimble plates, thimbles and return pins in the space supported by the mold feet.

Upper and lower thimble plate: used to fix the thimble plate, which moves in the direction of ejecting the product in the process of demoulding; Thimble: in the process of product demoulding with the thimble plate movement of the product out to achieve demoulding; Return pin: It is used to return the thimble board to the front template in the process of closing the mold.

A, B, C plates: The injection mold part before the front mold fixed plate and the back mold fixed plate generally presents A three-stage structure, that is, plates A, B, C, plate A composed of the front mold kernel + the front template, plate B composed of the back mold kernel + the back template, and the remaining section is plate C.


Simple products will generally use standard mold frame, only processing for different products of the mold and some details. Six systems of injection mold: feeding system, molding system, exhaust system, temperature control system, ejection system, mold base system. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent!




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