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Injection mold processing must understand the molding process
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Injection mold processing must understand the molding process

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Friends engaged in the injection mold processing industry should know that there are many types of injection mold molding processes, such as injection molding, two-color injection molding and other processes. Craft:

                                                                                                          Injection mold processing


  1. Injection molding

    It is also called injection molding in the processing of injection molds. The principle is to add powder or granular raw materials into the hopper of the injection machine, heat and melt the raw materials to a flowing state, and push them by the screw or piston of the injection machine. The gating system enters the mold cavity and hardens and forms in the mold cavity.

    2. Two-color injection molding

    It refers to an injection molding method of injecting two different colors of plastic into the same mold, which can make the plastic show two different colors or make the plastic parts show regular patterns or irregular moiré. Patterns to improve the usability and aesthetics of plastic parts.

    3. Micro foam injection molding

    This process is an innovative precision injection molding technology in injection mold processing. It fills the product through the expansion of the pores, and completes the molding of the product under low pressure and average pressure.

                                                                                                     Injection mold processing


    4. Insert injection molding

    Insert molding refers to a molding method in which pre-prepared inserts of different materials are filled into the mold, then resin is injected, and the molten material is bonded and solidified with the inserts to form an integrated product.

 5. Nano injection molding

This injection mold processing and molding process is a method of combining metal and plastic with nanotechnology. After the metal surface is treated with nanometers, the         plastic is directly injected on the metal surface, so that the plastic and the metal are integrally formed. The nanomolding technology is based on the location of the plastic. Can be divided into two processes:

(1) Plastic is an integrally formed non-appearance surface.

(2) Plastic is the integral molding of the appearance surface.

                                                                                                                    Injection mold processi


The ones shared above are several injection molding processes that are often used in injection mold processing. If you want to know more about injection mold processing, you can pay more attention to Fanshida, and will share more in the future.




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