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Injection mold opening steps process
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Injection mold opening steps process

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Injection mold opening steps process

The process of mold opening of injection molds is generally divided into drawing mold drawings, proofreading and reviewing drawings, mold trial and mold repair, and filing data.

1. Drawing the mold map

Before drawing the general assembly drawing of the mold, the process drawing should be drawn, and the requirements of the part drawing and process data should be met. The size guaranteed by the next process should be marked with the words "process size" on the drawing. If no other machining is performed after forming except for repairing burrs, the process drawing is exactly the same as the part drawing.


2. Proofreading and reviewing drawings

Whether the material, hardness, dimensional accuracy and structure of the mold and injection mold parts meet the requirements of the plastic parts drawings.

3. Trial and repair

Although the mold design is carried out under the expected process conditions when selecting molding materials and molding equipment, people's understanding is often imperfect. How is the quality. After the discovery is always made, repair the model to eliminate the error.


4. organize data for archiving

After the mold is tested, if it is not used temporarily, the mold release residue, dust, oil, etc. should be completely wiped off, coated with butter or other anti-rust oil or anti-rust agent, and kept in the storage place.

The basic principle of injection molding: after the plastic is heated to a certain temperature, the injection molding machine can melt into a liquid, inject the molten liquid into a closed mold cavity with high pressure, cool and shape, and then eject the mold to obtain the desired plastic. body products.




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