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Injection mold opening pressure speed adjustment settings
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Injection mold opening pressure speed adjustment settings

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The setting values of injection mold opening pressure and speed are ideal maximum values, but the actual speed and pressure cannot reach this value, which is also the characteristic of hydraulic equipment. Multi-stage injection molding The injection molding process is the most advanced injection molding technology in the current injection molding technology.

In the injection stage, the cavity is empty, the boost is very small, and the required speed can be achieved with a small pressure. At this time, the pressure setting is mainly adjusted. In the pressure holding stage, the pressure plays a decisive role, and the speed setting is useless, because the screw has not moved much at this time, and the pressure adjustment is the main thing.

Adjusting the injection pressure and speed depends on the size of the product. Simple molds can be quickly formed in one or two stages. Large and complex molds need to be formed in 4 stages. The first stage (speed 30%, pressure 40bar), the second stage (speed 40%~60 %, pressure 30~50bar), the third stage (speed 40%~60%, pressure 60~100bar), the fourth stage (using slow cache, entering the pressure-holding state to prevent the product from flashing).

The process setting of the entire injection pressure and speed is better for the mold to run smoothly and without abnormal vibration. Different plastics need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.




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