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Injection mold maintenance points
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Injection mold maintenance points

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Injection mold maintenance points

When the injection molding mold is used for mass production molding, the function of the mold will be reduced due to wear and rust. Maintenance (maintenance management) is necessary in order to repair these degraded functions.

As the focus of injection molding mold maintenance, it is recommended to pay attention to the following matters.


1. Scratches on the mating surface of the core pin

2. Worn core pin mating surface

3. Sintering the mating surface of the core pin

4. The core pin pushes the top surface depression

5. The mirror surface is scratched and corroded

6. Plating peeling

7. Wear and deformation of latent gate holes

8. Precision gate hole wear and deformation

9. Depression around the parting surface

10. Ejector pin hole wear

11. Eject the casing hole and bite to death

12. The exhaust port is blocked

13. The sliding surface of the sliding core is seized

14. The coil spring loses its elasticity

15. Cavity frame warping deformation

16. Cavity corner crack

17. The ejector pin casing is bitten to death

18. The nozzle contact surface of the sprue bushing is worn

19. Scaling and rusting of cooling water holes

20. Cooling water hole leaks




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