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Injection mold forming bad burning solution
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Injection mold forming bad burning solution

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Injection mold forming bad burning solution

Poor injection mold melting will lead to poor appearance quality and parts shape loss, physical performance reduction and other adverse effects. Mainly from the injection mold itself, injection molding process and molding product design to consider the solution of melting.

(1) Countermeasures related to injection mold

1. Set the exhaust groove.

2. Deepen the exhaust grooves to ensure sufficient exhaust paths.

3. Remove the mold, clean and maintain the exhaust groove.

4. Set the mold as a combination insert structure and insert structure, and exhaust gas from the partition surface.

5. Use vacuum suction device.

6. Change the gate location.


(2) Countermeasures related to injection molding process

1. Reduce the injection speed.

2. Lower the cylinder temperature.

3. Lower the measurement.

4. Prevent resin retention in the oil cylinder.

(3) Countermeasures related to injection molding product design

1. Use the design to avoid the thin wall thickness of the formed product.

2. Change the wall thickness of the forming product and change the flow type of the molten plastic.

3. Change the shape of the trapped gas.


Sintering is the phenomenon of black combustion on the surface of the formed product. The reason for this is that when the cavity is filled with molten plastic, the air remaining in the cavity generates heat when it is compressed, causing the plastic to burn. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection molding mold welcome to contact us!




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