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Injection mold cavity damage and repair countermeasures
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Injection mold cavity damage and repair countermeasures

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Injection mold cavity damage and repair countermeasures

When we produce injection moulds or injection moulds, sometimes the cavity damage of injection moulds will occur. We all know that injection mold cavity is the most critical part of injection molding, its damage will directly affect the quality of the product, so that injection products produce a variety of defects. So in the case of injection mold cavity damage, what specific countermeasures do we have?

1. Hard object impact or friction damage injection mold cavity

When demoulding is more difficult, it may be forced to use a screwdriver and other hard tools, so it is easy to hurt the cavity. In addition, after the injection mold is opened, hard objects such as hammer, wrench and file are easy to fall into the cavity and damage the injection mold cavity, so special attention is needed.

2. Improper operation during injection molding

If the injection parts are not removed and the mold is closed, especially in the automatic molding, the cured plastic parts are easy to damage the cavity and other parts of the injection mold.

3. The jacking rod and forming rod are broken to damage the cavity

It is not easy to find that the top rod and the molding rod are broken. Continued processing is easy to cause damage to the cavity. Therefore, when assembling, it is necessary to keep an eye on timely replacement to avoid breaking phenomenon when continuing to use.

4. Internal and external core-pulling mechanism failure damage cavity

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In the process of injection, because of the quality problems of the parts, the unreliable structure of the injection mold, the failure of the internal and external core-pulling mechanism produces sudden fracture, failure and other phenomena, and most of the wear parts or sliding parts are damaged.

After the injection mold cavity is damaged, it is necessary to carry out targeted repair. There are several repair methods as follows.

1. Welding. Welding is a common repair method, the most common welding method is gas welding. If electric welding is used, due to the high temperature, the injection mold is easy to produce deformation, or even cracking, using electric welding repair, the injection mold to preheat, after welding to heat treatment.

2. Insert. For the damage of the injection mold cavity area is small and the depth is deep, the insert can be added to repair, and the insert is generally drilled after drilling. When drilling, it is necessary to pay attention not to drill through the cooling water channel and screw hole.

3. Electroplating. For defects with depth less than 0.5mm, it is better to use electroplating method to repair, can be copper plating, chrome plating.

4. Tap. For the cavity of the injection mold with soft material, a blind hole can be drilled on the back of the damaged part, and then the bottom of the blind hole can be knocked to make the damage bulge, and then the bulge can be polished, ground and polished.

The causes and conditions of injection mold cavity damage are different, and the targeted repair countermeasures will be different, which need to be analyzed according to our experience and specific problems. The mission of Fansstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the service life is long, the rapid mass production and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection mold welcome to contact us!




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