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I Love Fanstar

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I Love Fanstar


    My name is Icey Lin. I would like to share my life and experience in Fanstar.

    This is my first touch with the mold factory, and I am very fortunate to be able to come to a company like Fanstar, and witness its birth and grow with it.

    Here, let me experience the charm of molds. From mobile phones and USB-disks to automobiles and airplanes, all products that require mass production are more or less applied to molds. If there were no molds, many things would cease to exist because they could not be mass-produced. The world would not develop so fast, and people's lives would not be so convenient.

Looking at the precision parts and injection molds we produce, I feel proud from the bottom of my heart:


Here, it also makes me a lovely member of Fanstar. Fanstar people also means : "The Fan's Talent", everyone has a platform to show their unique professional ingenuity. Regardless of the job type, experience background, walk into the door of Fanstar, everyone will work together to create the future of the mold industry.

Technical lesson between office staff and workshop staff on Saturday:


Behind every successful company, there are such a group of lovely people. In the face of various challenges, we always uphold this mission: to provide customers with the best materials, best design, best technical communication, best delivery time and best after-sales service to make the best mold!

Thank you!




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