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How to solve the problem of flow marks in injection products?
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How to solve the problem of flow marks in injection products?

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 How to solve the problem of flow marks in injection products?

Flow marks on injection molded products are also a common problem in injection molded products, and they often trouble mold and injection molding technicians. What are flow marks? The so-called flow marks are striped marks on the surface of injection molded products, showing the flow direction and texture of the plastic. Consistent with the flow direction of the plastic.


one. Influence of plastic materials on flow marks

The main reason for the flow marks is that the material cannot flow under the injection pressure and the injection speed, and the material flow is slowed down. The main reasons are the following two aspects:

1. The fluidity of plastic materials is not good
For injection molding products with relatively large flow lengths, materials with good fluidity must be selected. If the material fluidity is not good, the molten plastic will go slower and slower, and the slower it will be, the easier it will be to cool. In the case where it is not easy to produce glue overflow, try to use flowable materials. At the same time, the mold flow analysis can also provide very accurate reference data. It is recommended to carry out mold development when the mold flow analysis data meets the requirements, and do not take risks and cause the back end to be difficult to handle.

2. Use suitable molding material lubricant


two. Influence of mold on flow marks

The difficulty of injection molding is that many problems are not unilateral, but are caused by the interaction of many interrelated factors. It is necessary to systematically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects to improve and solve them.

1. The temperature of the die surface is too low, and it is easy to produce flow marks

2. Factors affecting the size and quantity of runners and gates

3. Mould exhaust must be sufficient

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