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How to solve the deformation of PP plastic products?
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How to solve the deformation of PP plastic products?

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How to solve the deformation of PP plastic products?

PP plastic parts are easy to deform at high temperature. In order to effectively prevent the deformation of PP plastic parts, we can consider strengthening, changing the shape of parts, improving the injection molding process, surface coating, and dispersing the workload.

Using a higher grade of plastic can definitely improve the rigidity of plastic parts, but this will increase the cost, so in terms of materials, the material cost is mainly never increased, and the method of strengthening with low-cost plastic is used to solve the problem. Adding glass fiber is a common and mature method. Adding glass fiber can also improve the creep properties of the material.


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1: Disadvantages and solutions after adding glass fiber

The disadvantage of adding glass fiber is that the melt viscosity is large during injection, the fluidity becomes poor, and there are floating fibers on the surface of the part, which can be solved by the following methods:

①: Increase the mold temperature and injection temperature;
②: Increase the injection speed and pressure;
③: Increase the gate and shorten the runner.


2: Disadvantages that cannot be overcome after adding glass fiber

After adding glass fiber, the surface gloss of the product will be somewhat reduced, so high-gloss paint-free parts cannot be used; after adding glass fiber, the wear of the screw of the injection molding machine increases, and the life of the screw is shortened. If it is used continuously, the screw will be replaced every 1-2 years, so the injection molding cost will increase. 




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