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How to solve the defect of two - color mold in injection molding
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How to solve the defect of two - color mold in injection molding

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How to solve the defect of two - color mold in injection molding

Two-color mold injection molding impact mark defect refers to the linear defect formed on the surface of the product in the process of two-color injection molding, due to the improper injection molding pressure, injection molding speed and other process parameters, or the unreasonable product structure design, resulting in the impact or pulling phenomenon between the parting surface of the injection mold and the product. This defect may affect the appearance and performance of the product and reduce the service life of the product.


Car headlights two color injection case sharing

What I share with you this time is a two-color mold for car headlights. The first shot material is black ABS, and the second shot material is transparent acrylic. Because the melting temperature of the second shot of acrylic is higher than the first shot of material, so the second shot of acrylic rushed in when the black ABS material will be flushed up some, formed a light black thick ink mark.

The cause of the defect of two color mold in injection molding

Two color injection molding has a basic requirement, that is, two shot material and a shot material compared, two shot material its temperature should be lower than a shot material should be lower, so that two shot it can not give the first shot up, and acrylic its melting temperature is higher than ABS. Temperatures of 240 to 50 degrees can easily flush the ABS, and the faster the rate of fire, the worse the impact.

Two - color mold injection molding defect defect solution

1 material change, that is to say, the acrylic its fat dissolve big, and then its melting point is low, so we can use relatively low pressure when shooting glue, relatively low speed, relatively low temperature can rush over, because the pressure speed and temperature are relatively low, so he put the first shot ABS rushed up the possibility is small, this is the material.


2. In terms of process, the molding temperature is lower, the speed of shooting glue is also lower, so through the efforts of material modification and process, the product is finally the problem of two shot shot impact mark, such as the edge of the light ink mark such a problem is solved.

We injection molding people all know that process is not omnipotent. In fact, process is more to combine various elements of human-machine material method, injection mold, material, equipment, and all aspects of the elements. What aspects of the shortcomings are not good.




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