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How to set the appropriate parameters for the injection molding process?
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How to set the appropriate parameters for the injection molding process?

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How to set the appropriate parameters for the injection molding process?

Injection molding is an efficient, precise and widely used way of processing plastics, and setting the right injection molding processing parameters is the key to ensuring product quality. There are many factors to consider in determining the processing parameters of injection molding, such as the nature of the raw material, the capabilities of the machinery and equipment, and the shape and size of the product. Here are some of the key injection molding processing parameters and how to set the right parameters for different factors.


First of all, temperature control in injection molding is very important. During the setting of injection molding processing parameters, attention should be paid to the temperature settings in four different zones: the hopper zone, the melting zone, the injection zone, and the mold zone. The temperature setting in these zones needs to be determined based on factors such as the melting point of the raw material, the fluidity of the melt, the amount of energy required to melt, and the size of the product. Generally speaking, the melt temperature and the injection rate of the machine need to be within the control range to avoid over-melting or too fast injection rate.


Secondly, pressure control in injection molding is also crucial. Proper pressure adjustment can ensure that the plastic material completely fills the mold cavity, thus avoiding quality problems such as craters and burrs. At the same time, a good pressure setting can reduce the erosion and wear of the mold, thereby prolonging the service life of the mold. In the process of setting the injection molding processing parameters, different types of pressure parameters such as injection pressure, holding time, holding pressure and mechanical pressure should be noted. The setting of specific parameters needs to be determined according to the shape and size of the product and the design of the mold.


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