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How to prolong the service life of injection moulds through maintenance?
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How to prolong the service life of injection moulds through maintenance?

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How to prolong the service life of injection moulds through maintenance?

How to extend the service life of injection mold through maintenance is mainly through the maintenance and maintenance during mold assembly, production, production, use and long-term storage maintenance. The following small series will be different periods of injection mold maintenance should do a detailed description of what.

1. Inspection and maintenance of injection mold

After the mold is installed, the mold will be opened, the mold guiding mechanism, the surface of the mold cavity clean, to ensure the quality of the parts. Check safety parts such as die safety side pin and safety screw, find problems, repair and replace in time.

2. Maintenance during injection mold production

Often observe and feel the use status of the mold during production. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and timely elimination. Production can be carried out after troubleshooting; Regularly clean the waste path of trimming the hole of punching die.

Polishing equipment

3. Maintenance of injection mold after production

Make accurate feedback on the problems found in the use of injection mold, and record them in the handover sheet or inform the repairman to repair; Clean the injection mold comprehensively, clean up the waste and sundries in the mold, and ensure that there is no waste in the waste box.

4. Maintenance of injection mold during use

Polish the rounded corner of the mold. If there is a pressure pit, the mold should be polished. Repair welding and repair the broken edge and the collapse of the cutting edge in the process of using the mold; Check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. If so, replace it.

5. Long-term maintenance of injection mold storage

Injection mold to arrange a maintenance every two months, the method is to open the injection mold to dust, rust and all parts of the injection mold to give oil treatment.


The service life of injection mold and injection mold maintenance is very much related to the proper, good maintenance of the service life of the mold will be far beyond the normal life, on the contrary, it will greatly shorten the life. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before injection molding with customers from the production needs of finished products, so as to make the injection mold delivery time short, long life, rapid mass production and finished product quality excellent! If you need injection molding, please contact us!




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