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How to prevent deformation in injection molding and demoulding
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How to prevent deformation in injection molding and demoulding

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How to prevent deformation in injection molding and demoulding

The cause of injection mold deformation is uneven shrinkage, internal stress and other reasons; The size of precision plastic parts is generally small, the wall thickness of plastic parts is thinner, and some have many thin tendons. Mold design must consider in the case of plastic parts without deformation demoulding, otherwise it will lead to demoulding deformation.

How to prevent deformation of injection mold

1. Shape and position of injection mold gate. The appropriate gate is selected according to the shape of the plastic parts. Like a ring plastic part, the deformation degree of the side gate, point gate, spoke gate and film gate is different after forming, among which the film gate is especially suitable for the plastic forming with large warping deformation.

2. Select the right number of gates. For example, when designing a cylindrical injection mold with a hole in the center, a gate must be placed in the center. However, there is a great difference in the shrinkage rate between the flow direction and the vertical direction of the resin, which has the disadvantage of ellipse. When the center hole has high precision roundness requirements, the injection mold should be designed into 3 or 6 gates, but also pay attention to the balance of each gate.


How does injection mold release prevent deformation

1. When using the push rod, pay attention to the number of push rods without deformation and the position of top pressure. When the gears with holes have cores, the eject side template should be set for parallel ejection. For angular plastic parts, you can use the punch template ejection, ejection with this template can prevent deformation.

2. General precision plastic parts drawing inclination is small, in order to reduce the demolding force, mirror processing is required, grinding direction must be the direction of drawing, according to the direction of drawing die design easy grinding block core. For small shrinkage resin, when the molding pressure is high, it is necessary to pay attention to the plastic parts easy to stay in the mold cavity.


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