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How to improve the shrinkage of the front of the glue inlet?
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How to improve the shrinkage of the front of the glue inlet?

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How to improve the shrinkage of the front of the glue inlet?

For flat products, the movable mold is the front of the product, and the fixed mold is the back of the product. After molding, the front nozzle position of the product, there is a phenomenon of poor shrinkage, and the product structure cannot be changed.

method one:


The difference between process 1 and process 2: four-stage speed, position, holding pressure, speed, time, injection time, cooling time.


Method Two:

Increase the back pressure, under the action of the reverse force of the back pressure, increase the filler at the nozzle position, play a role in maintaining pressure, give a supplementary force to the gate position, and make the gate position fuller. To solve the problem of gate position shrinkage. But this method has a certain effect on PP material and PE material. For some engineering hard materials, it is relatively ineffective


RJ45 connector mold

Three: Common methods:

For flat products, the glue is fed in the middle, and the opposite side of the gate has a shrinkage defect. The commonly used injection molding process debugging methods are:


  1. Increase the holding time, increase the holding pressure and the holding speed, increase the amount of material filling, and improve the shrinkage.
    2. Reduce the material temperature and reduce the post-shrinkage rate during the cooling process.
    3. Increase the temperature of the material to prevent the gate melt from being cold and solidified in a short time, and the pressure holding pressure will not work.
    4. Reduce the temperature of the moving mold and reduce the shrinkage caused by the cooling of the product, and the shrinkage phenomenon that occurs.
    5. Increase the temperature of the fixed mold to prevent the gate from being cold and the pressure holding pressure will not work.


    lunch box mold

    Five: mold aspects:

    1. The cooling water is blocked and the mold temperature is too high, resulting in shrinkage. Change the water connection method and lower the chiller temperature. Mold maintenance, so that the mold waterway is smooth.




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