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How to improve the machining accuracy of plastic molds?
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How to improve the machining accuracy of plastic molds?

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How to improve the machining accuracy of plastic molds?

Friends who know the injection mold processing industry know that the higher the precision of the mold, the better the quality. If you want to receive some injection mold projects with high added value, the precision of the processed mold must be further improved. This is the injection mold Common sense that the processing industry should know.

So how to improve the processing accuracy of plastic molds?

1. Reduce the original error

    Improve the geometric accuracy of the machine tools used for parts processing, improve the accuracy of fixtures, measuring tools and tools themselves, and control the force of the process system, thermal deformation, tool wear, deformation caused by internal stress, measurement errors, etc. All directly reduce the original error

2. Compensate for original error

    The error compensation method is to artificially create a new error to offset the original error in the original process system. When the original error is negative, the artificial error will take a positive value, otherwise, take a negative value and try to make the two equal in size; or use one original error to offset another original error, and try to make the two equal in size , the direction is opposite, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing machining error and improving machining accuracy.

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3. Transfer the original error

    The error transfer method is essentially to transfer the geometric error, force deformation and thermal deformation of the process system. There are many examples of error transfer methods. For example, when the accuracy of the machine tool does not meet the requirements of parts processing, it is often not to blindly improve the accuracy of the machine tool, but to find a way from the process or fixture to create conditions so that the geometric error of the machine tool can be transferred to the aspect that does not affect the machining accuracy.

4. Equalize the original error

    During processing, due to the existence of errors in the blank or the previous process, the processing error of this process is often caused, or due to the change of the material properties of the workpiece, or the process change of the previous process (for example, after the blank is refined, the original cutting process is cancelled. ), causing a large change in the original error.

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5. Average raw error

    For shafts and holes that require high matching accuracy, grinding technology is often used.




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