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How to improve the hardness and wear resistance of mold accessories
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How to improve the hardness and wear resistance of mold accessories

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How to improve the hardness and wear resistance of mold accessories

There are many types of mold accessories, including but not limited to punching pins, punches, guide pillars, guide bushings, thimbles, master barrels, steel ball sleeves, non-lubricated guide bushings, oil-free slide plates, guide pillar components, etc. In addition, there are hardware mold accessories such as straight push rods, flat push rods, step push rods, center pins, push tubes, straight cores, positioning rings, pull pins, etc. Each of these accessories plays a different role in the mold, such as guiding, positioning, ejecting, stamping, etc.


Improving the hardness and wear resistance of mold accessories can be started from many aspects. Here are some common methods:

1. Fluid polishing: Fluid polishing also has the advantages of high efficiency, uniformity, wide applicability and environmental protection. It can remove burrs and unevenness on the surface of the workpiece in a short time, improving production efficiency; It can evenly polish the surface of the workpiece, avoiding the problem of local over-polishing or under-polishing that may occur in traditional polishing methods; It is suitable for precision parts of various materials; Most of the polishing slurries used are water-soluble or environmentally friendly, which is environmentally friendly.


2. Heat treatment:

Carburizing treatment: By heating the mold to a high temperature state and then treating it in a gas containing carbon compounds, the carbon content on the surface of the mold can be increased, thereby improving the surface hardness. Carburizing requires different treatment processes to be selected according to different materials and hardness requirements.

Quenching and tempering: These heat treatment processes can change the crystal structure of steel, resulting in increased hardness and wear resistance.


3. Surface Treatment:

Electrochemical polishing: This technology forms a thin film on the surface of the mold through the electrolytic reaction in the electrolytic solution, so that the surface hardness of the mold is improved.

Surface Spray Coating: Spraying or coating can create a layer of protection on the surface of the mold and increase the resistance of the mold to wear. Commonly used spraying or coating materials are tungstic acid, chromic acid, alumina, ceramic manual spraying, etc.

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