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How to improve 5S?

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Remember that there is a passage in "No Excuses": "The work that everyone does is made up of a small thing... All successful people, they do the same simple things as we do. Little things, the only difference is that they never think that what they do is simple things", a sentence that sounds plain, but it is very meaningful when it comes to careful tasting.

 记得在《没有任何借口》种有这样一段话:“每个人所做的工作,都是由 一件的小事构成的......所有的成功者,他们与我们都做着同样简单的小事,唯一的区别就是,他们从不认为他们做的事是简单的事”,听起来平实无华的一句话,细细品来却意味深长。


    "5S" originated in Japan and is widely implemented in Japanese companies, which has played a role in promoting Japanese companies to go global. In Japan, if you want to know whether a company is famous, whether it has good management, and whether the product quality is good, the first thing to look at is the company's 5S management.


     In order to strengthen the internal management of the company and show a good corporate image, today we kicked off the "5S" activity. The handsome Mr. Fan trained us on the importance of 5S. Why do we want to do 5S?



 Speaking of 5S, it is actually activities that focus on sorting out, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, and quality, referred to as "5S". In quality management activities, 5S can be called the most basic management project, putting the essence and practices of 5S into Credit workers, and strengthen the quality awareness of employees, so that the company can completely eliminate mess, employees can develop serious and standardized good habits, so that the company can lay a solid management foundation and enhance the company's competitive strength.


       Every on-site inspection organized by the company will find out a number of problems, and we have also carried out corresponding rectifications in the face of problems. But can this kind of treatment of headaches and feet really solve the problem? Do we need to reflect and propose preventive measures to prevent recurrence? Therefore, the foresight of problems that occur at work is particularly important.


To take precautions before it happens, the company and every employee should realize that quality is not checked out, but must be "imagined" before it exists.


A good habit often accomplishes a person's life. Therefore, it requires firm perseverance and perseverance. A change in concepts can lead to changes in actions, and habits change with it, which can change a person's destiny.


    In the next step, how to take advantage of the trend to push 5S activities one step further is what we need to think about. But no matter how the next stage of 5S activities proceed. I think that the word "chang" is something we should pay attention to. Through regular tidying up, rectification, cleaning, and cleaning, make it a work habit, and then gradually improve personal quality, which will benefit us for life!





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