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How to design the injection mold structure of thread forming products
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How to design the injection mold structure of thread forming products

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How to design the injection mold structure of thread forming products

Thread molding product injection mold processing is still very difficult, the main reason is because there is a concave thread product can not be normally demoulded, this kind of thread products including bottle caps, containers, mechanical parts, etc., the application range is still very wide. The injection mold of screw molding products needs to be specially considered in the design of this problem, from the structural design of convenient demoulding design.

Xiaobian according to the injection molding processing with thread molding products injection mold design experience, summed up the following mold structure for your reference, hope to help you.

1. Placement type core mold structure

Definition: Placed core mold structure refers to the metal core pre-machined into the shape of thread is installed in the cavity, when the molding product is pushed out, the core made of segmentation and manufacturing is taken out from the mold together with the molding product, and then the core is removed through manual operation to rotate the core.

Advantages and disadvantages: The placement core mold structure is not suitable for mass production, but suitable for trial production and small batch production, and the mold cost is controlled at a low level. From the point of view of benefit, it is more beneficial to batch production to develop the injection mold structure which can be continuously formed by using side core-pulling slider structure.

2. Split mold structure

Definition: The threaded part of a split injection mold structure consists of a side core-pulling slider, which is removed by opening the side core-pulling slider.

Pros and cons: Split injection mold construction has a variety of different methods such as side core-pulling sliders that allow the parting surface to fully open and close the structure.

FS21010 (1A)

3. Rotating core mold structure

Definition: Rotary core die structure is designed in a die can be driven to rotate the structure, and the rotating core machined threads. Through the linkage with the die opening action, the external driving source is used to rotate the rotating core to pull out the screw.

Pros and cons: The molding product also rotates with the core when the mold is opened. Grooves or protrusions are needed to prevent the molding product from rotating.

4. Special core mold structure

Definition: Special core injection mold construction can use a collapsible core to remove the threaded part by pushing the tube forward and backward to deflate the segment forming the threaded part.

Advantages and disadvantages: the general structure is more complex, but can well solve the thread products difficult to release the problem.

The design of the thread part of the injection mold needs to be very careful, because the thread part may not come off the mold or the action is not smooth. Therefore, we need to first understand the function of the thread combined with the accumulated experience, and then choose the appropriate mold structure for the design after comprehensive evaluation. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the service life is long, the rapid mass production and the finished product quality is excellent! Have injection mold needs or related questions welcome to contact us, of course, also includes today's main thread product injection mold!




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