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How to control the quality in the production process of open mold injection molding?
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How to control the quality in the production process of open mold injection molding?

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How to control the quality in the production process of open mold injection molding?

1. Understand product requirements and standards

Before the production of open mold injection molding, it is necessary to understand the customer's product requirements and related standard requirements. This includes the size, appearance requirements, performance requirements of the product, etc., and only with a clear understanding of these requirements can the subsequent mold opening and injection molding process operations be carried out in a targeted manner.

2. Reasonably designed mold

The design of the mold is one of the important factors affecting the quality of the product. Reasonable mold design can ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the product. When designing the mold, we should try to avoid problems such as too long plastic flow length and too large cross-section change, so as to ensure that the plastic is fully filled in the mold and flows smoothly.

3. Choose high-quality raw materials

Choosing the right raw materials is the basis for ensuring product quality. High-quality raw materials have good flowability, stability and mechanical properties. When choosing raw materials, it is necessary to consider the use environment and needs of the product, and avoid using inferior raw materials to cause quality problems.


4. Control the injection molding process parameters

The control of injection molding process parameters has an important impact on product quality. Parameters such as injection speed, injection pressure, and holding time need to be adjusted reasonably. Through the debugging and optimization of process parameters, it can ensure that the filling mold, cooling and shrinkage of plastics in the injection molding process are in a better state.

5. Strict quality inspection

Quality inspection is an important means to ensure product quality. In the process of injection molding production, a complete quality inspection system should be established, including raw material testing, injection molding process monitoring and finished product inspection. By using appropriate testing equipment and methods, the products are comprehensively tested to find and solve quality problems in a timely manner.

6. Do a good job of recording and analyzing the summary

In the production process of mold opening and injection molding, it is necessary to record various quality data and abnormal conditions in a timely manner, and analyze and summarize. By summarizing experience and continuous optimization, we can continuously improve product quality, reduce production costs, and provide useful references for subsequent production.


Summary: In the production process of open mold injection molding, quality control is a comprehensive work, which needs to be comprehensively considered and controlled from many aspects. Only by paying attention to product requirements, reasonably designing molds, selecting high-quality raw materials, controlling process parameters, strict quality inspection and doing a good job in record summarization, can we achieve stable product quality, meet customer needs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


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