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How to choose a professional injection mold manufacturer and supplier
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How to choose a professional injection mold manufacturer and supplier

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How to choose a professional injection mold manufacturer and supplier

How to choose a professional injection mold manufacturer and supplier, I believe that many customers will have such a doubt. Today Xiaobian will give you a good comb, can also be said to be in accordance with a standard of our Fender mold to give you a reference.

I. Whether the injection mold manufacturer has a professional technical team

1. Professional designers, a good mold is designed first, which is the root of determining whether a mold is good or bad.

2. The professional technical team and experienced mould technicians can ensure the precision and mass production of the mould.


2. Whether the injection mold manufacturer makes technical communication and analysis with customers on the production needs of finished products before making molds

The purpose of injection molding is to inject a satisfactory product, whether the finished product can meet your needs communication is particularly important. Do technical communication and analysis with you on the production needs of finished products, so that you can clearly clarify what you really want the finished products are like, what technical problems will be clear, so that you can avoid detours to achieve rapid delivery of molds.

3. Whether the injection mold manufacturer has professional production equipment

Professional production equipment is the hard index of injection mold can do well, a good injection mold equipment list is as follows: high-speed CNC, high precision milling machine, high precision grinding machine, high precision spark machine, wire cutting machine, two dimensional, three dimensional, injection molding machine, etc.

4. Whether the injection mold manufacturer has a responsible project manager to track the progress

Professional equipment is not enough, after all, things are still done by people, a responsible project manager, can effectively ensure the progress of the mold, and the early completion of mold opening, as soon as possible to achieve mass production. Therefore, we must first understand the quality of personnel in the injection mold factory. Choosing a professional project manager may be more important than choosing a good mold factory.


5.Whether the injection mold manufacturer has mold opening experience in the industry or similar products

Injection mold products are complex, and there will be great differences in the process of different molds. Therefore, finding manufacturers with industry-related or similar product mold opening experience can save our mold opening cost. Professional people do professional things, choose the right professional manufacturers, can make the project fast, accurate, efficient into mass production!

6.Whether the injection mold manufacturer can guarantee the rapid mass production of the mold and the excellent quality of the finished product

Rapid mass production of molds is very important, especially those new products in order to quickly seize the market are a race against time, time is money. Therefore, when looking for injection mold manufacturers, we must agree on the delivery date, and agree on the clear delivery standard of finished products to avoid the situation of wrangle.


How to make the mold short lead time, long life, fast mass production and good quality?

1. Analyzed possible production problems according to product function, appearance, structure, assembly, etc., put forward product analysis report and held it

New mold meeting, so that the product can meet the design requirements.

2. Reviewed, analyzed, designed and optimized mold structure and processing technology according to product requirements, and reasonably selected high-quality mold steel;

Every processing process full inspection, ensure that the mold qualified fast completion.

3. Reasonably distribute the mold pouring system and cooling system from the perspective of production to shorten the product forming cycle and improve production efficiency

And production stability.

4. Follow up and cooperate with customers to provide technical support in the production process, provide mold maintenance specifications, and extend mold life.




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