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How to change the injection mold quickly-Fanstar Mould
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How to change the injection mold quickly-Fanstar Mould

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How to change the injection mold quickly-Fanstar Mould

How to change the injection mold quickly-Fanstar Mould

Since its establishment, Fanstar Mould has been committed to the processing technology of precision injection moulds, multi-cavity pen moulds, two-color keycaps, intelligent electronics, electromechanical products, automotive connectors, medical tubular moulds and their non-standard accessories! Today, let's talk about how to quickly change the injection mold.

1. Quick release of injection mold

First clean the barrel with PP material, and then set the temperature to the required parameters according to the process card. If the mold needs to be repaired, the defective part of the product should be described, and the defective sample should be taken away with the mold, and then the mold should be disassembled. After the material is produced, pay attention to whether the mold temperature is too high, otherwise the mold anti-rust agent will be evaporated by high temperature.


2. Fast loading of injection molds

The mold to install the tie rod should press the front mold first. If the mold has three parting surfaces, the pressing plate should be about 0.5 inside the middle template. The screw's precession depth is 1.5 times the diameter. After the length of the tie rod is confirmed and installed, then close the mold at a slow speed. When the tie rod and the connecting device are about to touch, stop and unscrew the connecting device of the tie rod, let the tie rod go in a little bit, and then slowly close the mold while Adjust the connection device.


3. Theinjection mold quickly adjusts the ejector

First, lower the ejection pressure, slow down the speed, and do the ejection action to install the insert when it reaches the position where the insert can be inserted. Connect the ejector monitoring cable and do the inspection. In the ejecting state, use a copper rod to clamp the mold after ejection of the mold, so that the monitoring switch does not contact the mold, and then perform the closing action to see if the mold can be closed.


4. Use the air gun to blow air at the water nozzle hole to check which water nozzle is in the same group, and then connect the mold temperature meter to the correct number. The front mold uses the front water pipe, and the rear mold uses the back water pipe, which cannot be used interchangeably, and the unused water pipes should be placed according to regulations.

Dongguan Fanstar masters the core technology of injection molding production, from the production needs of finished products to the technical exchanges before the customer's mold making, so that the mold delivery time is short, the service life is long, the mass production is fast, and the finished product quality is excellent!




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