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How to achieve the perfect texture of injection mold products
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How to achieve the perfect texture of injection mold products

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How to achieve the perfect texture of injection mold products

How to achieve the perfect texture of molding products in injection mold? To achieve the perfect grain, we must ensure the continuity of texture, ensure the flawless carving, ensure the fine texture details and reasonable curve control. The following Xiaobian will be on the injection mold how to achieve the perfect texture of molding products to do a detailed description.

1, ensure the continuity of injection mold texture: using digital process, can easily control the continuity of texture between two parts, with laser texture technology, can produce in quality and design without deviation of the same product.


2, the use of laser technology to ensure that the injection mold flawless engraving: using the advantages of femtosecond laser, to achieve angular refreshing effect and absolutely burr free engraving, without any post-processing process. Metal materials are instantly melted and vaporized under laser irradiation to undergo physical denaturation before arriving for processing purposes. Through the laser engraving machine using radium engraving technology, the vectorized text can be easily "printed" to the processing of the substrate.

3, ensure that the injection mold texture details are detailed: laser texture technology can reproduce very small details, ensure that you start the concept of perfect implementation. The use of laser for ultra-fine processing, so that everything can be realized, to achieve the appearance of the product is different, so that the product appearance of the infinite imagination into reality.


4, reasonable curve control of injection mold: the market has higher and higher requirements for geometric pattern structure, and the control of each detail of these pattern structure is more important, because they are directly exposed. The laser texturing solution can control the orientation and size of each detail to meet the needs of high quality.


Sun grain is a common surface treatment technology of injection mold, which is widely used because of its low cost, rich effect and fast speed. With the higher and higher requirement of injection mold to texture, laser texture technology is applied more and more. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before injection molding with customers from the production needs of finished products, so as to make the injection mold delivery time short, long life, rapid mass production and finished product quality excellent! If you need injection molding, please contact us!




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