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How to achieve standardization in multi-cavity mold design-Fan Shida shared
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How to achieve standardization in multi-cavity mold design-Fan Shida shared

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How to achieve standardization in multi-cavity mold design-Fan Shida shared

Standardizing the design of multi-cavity molds involves multiple aspects to ensure mold manufacturing quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Here are some key steps and considerations:


1. Clarify design specifications and standards: First, detailed design specifications and standards need to be developed, including the size, tolerance, material selection, structural layout of the mold, etc., which should be based on industry best practices and customized in combination with the needs and manufacturing conditions of the specific product.

2. Standardization of mold structure: In mold design, standardized structural elements should be used as much as possible, such as templates, guide pillars, guide bushings, thimbles, etc. these standards. parts are interchangeable, simplifying the manufacturing and repair process of molds.

3. Parting surface and cavity design: The design of parting surface and cavity should take into account the formability, demoulding and strength of the mold of the part. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the balance between the various cavities to achieve uniform injection pressure and good molding quality.


4. Standardization of cooling system: Cooling system is a vital part of mold design. The standardized cooling system design should ensure that the cooling effect of each cavity is consistent and avoid problems such as shrinkage and deformation of the product.

5. Use standard design software and tools: The use of standardized design software and tools for mold design can ensure the accuracy and consistency of design data. These software often have a robust library of features and templates that can greatly simplify the design process.

6. Standardization of manufacturing and assembly: In the process of manufacturing and assembly of the mold, the process specifications and operating procedures should be strictly implemented to ensure the accuracy and quality of the mold. At the same time, standardized testing equipment and means should be used to inspect and debug the mold.


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