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How is a two-color mold injection molded?
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How is a two-color mold injection molded?

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Now there are pen molds, stationery products, thread molds, medical equipment, etc., you find no, their appearance color is more beautiful than before The two colors are wrapped together, very beautiful, and the feel is excellent, this is the process result of two-color mold injection molding. So how is the two-color mold injection molded? Let's talk about this topic.


Two-color mold is actually two kinds of plastic materials on the same injection molding machine, two injection molding, but the product is only molded once, the first injection molding is the product's semi-product. In the control of the amount of glue in injection molding A color, the quality of A semi-product is directly related to the problem of rubber lagging of B color, if product A is not good, then flash will occur during B color injection molding, which will affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, B-color products must definitely ensure that the mold is fine, because the product sealing position is directly A-color products. Moreover, the last section of the B-color injection molding machine is absolutely slow, and the injection molded product achieves a perfect effect.


Two-component mold injection molding can be roughly divided into two categories

1. Mixed color two-color injection mold

That is, the two nozzles of the injection molding machine alternately inject materials of different colors into the same mold cavity to form a color product without obvious boundaries.

2. Double-layer two-color injection mold

That is, two kinds of two nozzles will successively shoot out two kinds of materials to form a two-color product with obvious boundaries of the product, the first nozzle will inject the material into the small cavity and then form, then open the mold but not eject, the mold is rotated 180 degrees and then the mold is closed, and then the second nozzle will inject another material into the large cavity that already has the first material, so that the two materials stick together and the second mold is opened and ejected.


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