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How does the two-color mold solve the problem of surface depression?
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How does the two-color mold solve the problem of surface depression?

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How does the two-color mold solve the problem of surface depression?

The basic causes of surface depression: From the perspective of plastics, when the plastic cools and shrinks, insufficient shrinkage will cause depressions on the outer surface of the product or cavities inside.

Depending on where the depression occurs, the cause of the defect and the solution will be different.


1. Optimize mold design: Ensure that the flow channel, gate and cooling system of the mold are reasonably designed, so that the plastic flows evenly and cools quickly in the mold. This helps to reduce surface depression and shrinkage.

2. Adjust the injection process parameters: appropriately increase the injection pressure, injection speed and holding time to ensure that the plastic fully fills the mold cavity. At the same time, lowering the mold temperature helps to reduce plastic shrinkage, which in turn reduces surface depression.

3. Choose the right plastic material: Choose a plastic material with low shrinkage and good fluidity, which can help reduce surface depression. If a material with a high shrinkage must be used, it can be reduced by adding fillers or adjusting the formulation.


4. Increase the surface hardness of the mold: Increasing the surface hardness of the mold can enhance its wear resistance and impact resistance, thereby reducing the surface depression. This can be achieved by employing methods such as high-hardness materials, heat treatment, or surface coatings.

5. Control the temperature and time in the two-component injection molding process: In the two-component injection molding process, it is essential to control the temperature and time at each stage to avoid surface depressions. For example, after the first color material is injected, sufficient cooling time should be given to ensure that it cures adequately. This is followed by an injection of the second color material.

6. Strengthen quality inspection and control: Regularly conduct quality inspections on two-color molds and injection molded products, and find and deal with surface depressions and other problems in a timely manner. At the same time, the quality control in the production process is strengthened to ensure the stability and reliability of each link.


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