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How do medical molds control the size and shape accuracy of molds?
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How do medical molds control the size and shape accuracy of molds?

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How do medical molds control the size and shape accuracy of molds?

The medical mold industry has a good development momentum in recent years, and with the continuous growth of the global medical device market demand, the medical mold industry is also facing broad market prospects and opportunities. At the same time, the manufacture of medical molds also requires high-precision, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure the quality and performance of the product.


Dimensional and shape accuracy control of medical molds is a crucial link as it is directly related to the performance and quality of the final medical product. Here are some of the main ways to control the size and shape accuracy of the medical mold 1.mold:

Quality control in the design phase: During the design phase, it should be ensured that the mold design meets all product requirements and specifications. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) software, and sometimes in combination with computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis, can help designers create accurate mold designs and anticipate possible manufacturing problems.


2. Material selection and handling: Choosing the appropriate mold materials and handling them correctly is the key to ensuring the quality of the mold. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, so it is necessary to choose the right material for the specific application.


3. Manufacturing process control:

Improve the geometric accuracy of machine tools, fixtures, gauges and tools to directly reduce the original error,

The original errors that produce machining errors are analyzed, and corresponding measures are taken to solve them according to different situations. In the process of making mold accessories, different materials, shapes and technical requirements should be adapted to ensure the accuracy and stability of the accessories, and in the heat treatment process, the hardness and internal stress of the accessories need to be controlled to ensure the stability of the dimensions when the accessories are made.

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