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How can employees improve themselves quickly - (employee awards)
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How can employees improve themselves quickly - (employee awards)

Views: 1     Author: Sun Guixiang      Publish Time: 2021-08-19      Origin: Feldco Mould


good afternoon everyone There are 2 topics today (1. How to improve yourself at work 2. Employee awards) The National Day holiday has ended, and colleagues quickly entered the working state Today I will share with you how leaders guide employees to improve themselves!


1. How to improve yourself at work


On Friday afternoon, all the staff sat together and felt the power of the company


Always adjust your mentality, turn pressure into motivation, and turn crisis into opportunity

To achieve self-improvement, you must first know where your own problems are, or what you need and what you want to improve. For example: You find that your current professional knowledge is not enough to deal with the work well, and then decide to use the time after get off work to read books related to the work needs, or to learn the corresponding skills. This is the process of determining goals according to your actual needs. Once you have a goal, the next step is to formulate a specific and feasible implementation plan for this goal. Goals and plans can make your brain and behavior have a direction, and urge yourself to learn or complete tasks to a certain extent; Train your time management skills. The most basic thing is to be clear about your time efficiency, that is, to feel the length of time and how much you can do in that time period; Since employees have joined the company, they must make their own values consistent with the values advocated by the company, and their self-awareness should be consistent with the development space and the company's corporate culture and development trends, so that after entering the company, they can consciously integrate themselves into the company. In the team, use the corporate culture to restrain their behavior and perform their duties for the company; Employees must have team spirit and cooperation ability, and strengthen communication with colleagues. From the perspective of talent growth, a person belongs to a team, and must have team spirit and cooperation ability. Only in a good social relationship atmosphere, Personal growth will be more smooth; Employees should work with passion. Enthusiasm is a powerful emotion, a strong emotion for people, for work, and for faith. An employee without enthusiasm for work cannot complete his work with high quality, let alone create performance. Only those who have a real passion for their wishes can turn their wishes into a beautiful reality; Everyone has feelings when they hear it, and so do I. At work, if you want to improve yourself, you must dare to try, ask more, see more, and learn more.


2. Staff awards

While the employees work hard and work hard, the company also gives us a lot of benefits. Today is the awards ceremony (cash oh) Are you looking forward to last month's great execution ability, excellent leadership of the manufacturing team, etc.? Let's take a look at which outstanding employees get cash;


The above are the excellent leaders of our manufacturing team, the smiles on their faces represent that their intentions have been rewarded


These two are our company's outstanding employees in September. I believe that no matter what you do, you hope to be recognized. In our company, not only that, but also to tap your various abilities, let's work together!!! Believe in yourself, believe in your partner; there is no failure, only stop success




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