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"Gutter" is behavior, "communication" is the purpose
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"Gutter" is behavior, "communication" is the purpose

Views: 3     Author: Wu Jiahui      Publish Time: 2021-08-19      Origin: Feldco Mould

Just last week, at the request of all employees of the company, the company organized a training on how to communicate with people, and let us know the importance of communication, whether it is at work, at home, or in relationships, we need to communicate, but Communication is also divided into effective communication and invalid communication, so today our company invited our sister Lian to explain how to communicate effectively?


        "What is communication?" Communication is the transfer of "information" from one person to another, which is an interpersonal interaction. Communication is to ensure that work is carried out accurately and in a timely manner; to reach and maintain consensus, to improve execution; to improve interpersonal relationships!  Then there are two considerations for communication, first, active communication. When encountering problems, we should take the initiative to communicate, rather than waiting for others to communicate with us. No matter what class of people, active communication can show their enthusiasm for work, can bring each other's feelings closer, and is conducive to solving problems. . 2. Communicate as soon as possible. When encountering problems, many people will report good news instead of bad news. This way of working is not conducive to solving problems. Affect the solution of the whole problem, but it will become more complicated with the delay of time. So when problems arise, we should solve them as soon as possible.


       Communication is not just talking, listening is also very important. You must know how to speak, but also how to listen. Listen carefully to other people's feedback or reactions to your opinions, and know whether the other party understands your views or feelings, and you also know how to listen. You can see where the other party cares and is willing to discuss the key points. The second is to respect other people's opinions and viewpoints, try to adapt to other people's thinking structure, and understand other people's views, imagine other people's ideas, experience other people's world and feel other people's feelings.


      Therefore, communication is not a kind of persuasion, but a kind of infection, a kind of image display, a kind of embodiment of consistent words and deeds. Ordinary people speak with their mouths, wise people speak with their brains, and wise people speak with their hearts. The so-called "communication" - "ditch" is the behavior, "communication" is the purpose.





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