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Fanstar precision mold processing process
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Fanstar precision mold processing process

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Fanstar precision mold processing process

In the mold factory, mold processing is a very important production and processing process, especially precision molds have higher requirements on the processing process. So what is the processing process of precision molds, please listen to the editor.

1. Material and heat treatment control

Precision mold material and heat treatment control is to comprehensively control all factors affecting the heat treatment quality of parts in the entire heat treatment process, and all staff participate in the material and heat treatment quality work throughout the process.


2. Precision grinding control

The following three points must be achieved in the control of precision grinding processing: ① The grinding wheel must be selected according to the characteristics of the precision mold material, and the grinding wheel must be trimmed in time during grinding to maintain the sharpness of the grinding wheel. ②The amount of feed for precision grinding should be small, and the cooling of the grinding fluid should be sufficient. ③ The precision machining method is generally used in the grinding process of the internal and external cylindrical grinder, using the grinder chuck and the top of the tailstock to clamp and position the workpiece.

3. Precision mold EDM control

①It is necessary to maintain a certain discharge gap between the tool electrode and the surface of the workpiece to be machined, and this gap depends on the processing conditions. ②The pulse power supply must be used. ③ Spark discharge must be carried out in an insulating liquid medium. ④ The power density of the discharge point is high enough.

4. Surface treatment and mold assembly

Precise mold surface treatment, passivation of the useless edge and sharp corners of the workpiece through polishing, grinding and fitter grinding, and fully eliminate the hardened layer before use; fully demagnetize the workpiece before assembling the mold, and wash it with ethyl acetate surface.




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