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Fanstar of mould first family visit | care for employees, employees grow together
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Fanstar of mould first family visit | care for employees, employees grow together

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Fanstar of mould first family visit | care for employees, employees grow together

For a long time, Fanstar has been committed to building a community of common destiny between employees and the enterprise, continuously paying attention to the needs of employees, timely discovering the difficulties of employees, and focusing on solving the problems concerned by employees. The core of Fanstar's business philosophy is to pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees. Employees are the cornerstone of a strong enterprise and the important foundation of enterprise management. Starting from 2023, Fanstar will pay home visits to employees once a year to send care and warmth to employees and their families. The values of Fanstar are true: respect for individuality and grow together!


In January 2023, under the careful preparation of the company, the chairman, general manager and deputy general manager set up a home visit team, and the 2023 home visit activity of Fanstad Intelligent Technology staff also started. In this activity, the home visiting team visited 4 employees' families in Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. Traversing thousands of miles just to meet each other, the enthusiasm is always unabated! Some of them can only go home once a year for work, some have been working in the company for several years, and some of them have just joined Vanstad for more than one year and got excellent employees... Everyone has a story, and everyone carries a family behind them.


What is the experience of being visited by the leader

When the Chinese New Year holiday was approaching, my boss suddenly sent me a message like this: "Wu Jie, where is your home? Would you welcome me to do a home visit with Sister Lian? When I knew about it, I was a little afraid of a bad reception, so I told my family first. My mother welcomed me, so I replied to the boss: "Yes, I can, and I sent my home address.


Let me briefly introduce my hometown, Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. Daoxian County has been honored as the hometown of Chinese poetry and the hometown of Dragon Boat. Daoxian County is the hometown of Zhou Dunyi, a great thinker in Song Dynasty and the originator of Neo-Confucianism, He Shaoji, a calligrapher in Qing Dynasty, and He Baozhen, a revolutionary in modern times. And my family in the county opened a small restaurant, a more distinctive kind.

Because my boss was going back to Hubei for the Spring Festival, he took me home on the way. I started at 6:00 on the holiday day of January 18th. When I got home, it was still early and there was no traffic jam on the way. Before going home, I told my mother that the boss liked the blood duck specialty very much, so I prepared it specially, and there were some special rice wine made at home. During the meal, we had a cheerful exchange. What impressed me most was that my uncle said to the boss and Lian, "You are the friendliest boss we have seen in recent years."


From my own feelings, can deliberately send me home, personally come to the employee's home, to understand the situation at home, can do this, not only the employee, but the family. Our boss is also different from other bosses. He won't let employees call themselves boss or Manager Fan, but let us call ourselves Fan Sheng. In work, when there are difficulties, such as getting out of the container, he will also take the initiative to move things. Sister Lian, my master, took me to do business and taught me constantly. In the past two years in the company, my progress is inseparable from the company platform, inseparable from the guidance of Sister Lian, let me grow up quickly. When I communicate with my mother, I will remember some of my progress in the growth stage. The important point of this home visit is that my family feels at ease to develop in such a good company. Fan Sheng and Sister Lian also express their gratitude to my family for training me and making some contributions to the company.

At dinner time, the store is busy, and then there are a few people to eat, the table can not do, (the store is relatively small at home, that is, the table is not much) Fan Sheng and sister Lian took the initiative to give the table to the customer to eat, and then eat at 20:00 in the evening, in the middle is to understand some of my work.

Fanstar is different from other companies in that it turns the work it does into love, not a piece of goods, but given life to treat. (This home visit experience content is written by my colleague Wu Jie)

Go to the future as one

The growth and development of the company cannot be separated from the efforts and sweat of every employee, and the support and tolerance of every family behind them! Only by respecting employees and caring for them can we stimulate their potential to a greater extent and realize the common ideals and values of the company and individuals. Grateful for the efforts and efforts of every employee, grateful for the family behind the employees, believe that united will be able to go to the future.


The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of Fanstar products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection molding mold welcome to contact us!




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