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Exhaust design of the mold
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Exhaust design of the mold

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Exhaust design of the mold

In injection molds, the design of the exhaust is essential, especially in rapid injection molding. The exhaust design of precision injection molds is more stringent. It is the exhaust of the cavity and the gating system. It mainly includes the air in the cavity, the air in the runner, and the vapor of moisture in the plastic at high temperature and the gas volatilized by the plastic raw materials of some additives. These gases must be discharged to the outside of the mold in time to communicate the mold cavity with the outside atmosphere. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of plastic products, molding cycle and reduce production efficiency. The function of exhaust design is not only to remove the air in the mold cavity and eliminate various gases generated by the plastic in the heating process when the mold is injected, so as to improve the product quality; It also improves the mold filling speed, shortens the molding cycle, reduces the injection pressure and injection time, improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and reduces the energy consumption of the machine.


GDM has strict design principles for the exhaust design of precision injection molds, which makes it incomparable compared with other injection mold manufacturers.

Here are the exhaust design principles:

Exhaust air using the parting surface exhaust groove

Exhaust with ejector pins and push tubes

Utilize the mounting gap and pin exhaust

Breathable steel exhaust

Exhaust insert exhaust.


The following matters should be paid attention to when designing the exhaust of precision injection molds:

When the exhaust is difficult, the inlay structure must be adopted - if the dead angle of some molds is not easy to open the exhaust groove, first of all, the mold should be appropriately changed to the inlay structure without affecting the appearance and accuracy of the product, which is not only conducive to processing exhaust, but also can improve the original processing difficulty and easy maintenance.

In the closed shape of plastic products, thimble should be added to use as exhaust to prevent burns and melt marks.


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