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Electronic connector production method - Fanstar mold
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Electronic connector production method - Fanstar mold

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Electronic connector production method - Fanstar mold

Since its establishment, Dongguan Fanstar has been committed to the processing technology of precision injection molds, multi-cavity pen molds, two-color keycaps, intelligent electronics, electromechanical products, automotive connectors, medical tubular molds and their non-standard accessories!


1. Stamping

Stamping is to make electronic connectors (pins) stamped from thin metal strips through a large high-speed stamping machine. One end of the large roll of metal strip is fed into the front end of the punching machine, and the other end passes through the hydraulic table of the punching machine and is wrapped into the take-up pulley.

2. Electroplating

Once the connector pins are stamped, they should be sent to the electroplating stage. In the electroplating stage, the electronic contact surface of the connector will be plated with various metal coatings, nickel-plated, tin-plated, and semi-gold-plated to prevent oxidation and enhance conductivity. The pins are also twisted, broken or deformed during the process of feeding the stamped pins into the electroplating equipment. These quality defects are easily detected by the above techniques.


3. Injection molding

Injection molding refers to the plastic box seat of the electronic connector is formed by injecting molten plastic into the metal tire film, and then rapidly cooling and forming. Also watch for "leakage" when the molten plastic does not completely fill the membrane, a typical defect that needs to be detected during the injection molding phase. Other defects include full or partial plugging of the sockets (these sockets must be kept clean and clear to properly mate with the pins during final assembly).

4. Assembly

The final stage of electronic connector manufacturing is finished product assembly. There are two ways to connect and assemble the plated pins and the injection molding box seat: the first is to plug in individually, which means that one pin is plugged at a time; the second is to combine the combined plug , refers to the simultaneous connection of multiple pins to the box socket at one time. No matter what kind of connection method is adopted to assemble, make sure that all pins cannot have any missing and must be positioned correctly.

Dongguan Fanstar masters the core technology of injection molding production, from the production needs of finished products to the technical exchanges before the customer's mold making, so that the mold delivery time is short, the service life is long, the mass production is fast, and the finished product quality is excellent!




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