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Effect of injection mold temperature on the appearance of plastic products
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Effect of injection mold temperature on the appearance of plastic products

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In the injection mold industry, we usually have such doubts, whether the injection mold temperature is high, the gloss of plastic products is high? Now we will make an analysis on this issue, combined with Fansstad's many years of experience in injection mold. I hope to help you solve this doubt.

If the mold temperature is too low, the melt fluidity will be reduced and underinjection may occur. Mold temperature affects plastic crystallinity, for ABS, mold temperature is too low, the product finish is low. When the temperature of the injection mold is high, the plastic composition is closer to the surface of the injection mold, the filling will be better, and the brightness and luster will be higher.


But the injection mold temperature can not be too high, too high easy to stick to the mold, but also in the plastic parts in the local place of obvious bright spots. And the injection mold temperature is too low, will also cause plastic parts too tight, demoulding when easy to pull plastic parts, especially the surface of plastic parts.

The most common problem caused by mold temperature is the rough surface finish of molded parts, which is usually caused by too low a mold surface temperature. Injection molding industry, smooth products, the higher the temperature of the mold, the higher the gloss of the product surface, on the contrary, the low temperature, the gloss of the surface is also relatively low. But for the sunline PP material products, the higher the temperature, the product surface gloss will be relatively low, the lower the gloss, the higher the color difference, gloss and color difference is inversely proportional.

Moulding shrinkage and post-moulding shrinkage of semi-crystalline polymers depend mainly on mould temperature and part wall thickness. Uneven temperature distribution in the die will lead to different contractions, which will not ensure that the part meets the specified tolerances. In the worst case, shrinkage exceeds the repairable value regardless of whether the resin is processed as unreinforced or reinforced.


The correct PRACTICE is to MANUFACTURE the PRODUCT AT the recommended mold temperature close to its crystallization temperature so that the product is fully crystallized at the injection molding stage, avoiding such post-crystallization and post-shrinkage at high temperatures. In a word, mold temperature is one of the most basic control parameters in injection molding process, and it is also the primary consideration in mold design.

The MISSION OF FANSTAR IS TO MASTER THE CORE TECHNOLOGY OF injection MOLDING production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the rapid mass production and the finished product quality is excellent! I hope the influence of injection mold temperature on the appearance of plastic products that Xiaobian shares today will be of some help to you.




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