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Dongguan two color injection mold manufacturer which good?
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Dongguan two color injection mold manufacturer which good?

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Dongguan two color injection mold manufacturer which good?

First of all, to answer a question that we are more concerned about, is the two-color mold the same before or after the same? The answer is that the back mold is the same, the front mold is different, through rotation to achieve two-color injection molding. Dongguan two-color injection mold manufacturer which is good, Dongguan Fanstar injection mold factory is a good choice, welcome to figure exchange inquiry!

Two color injection mold design

1. Master the key points of design;

In the design of the two-color mold, we must master the key points of design. Dongguan Fansada injection mold Factory has rich experience in this aspect. It tells people that when the injection mold is designed, we must know the key points of design.

2. Understand the principles of production;

After the design of the two-color injection mold, we also need to understand the basic principles of production, which can make a better two-color mold products. For example, if we use hard glue to make the two-color injection mold, we only need to do it once.


Five elements of two - color mold manufacturing

Two-color mold opening evaluation and plastic product process analysis, two-color mold structure design, two-color mold material selection, two-color mold parts processing and assembly and two-color mold trial.

Two color mold processing maintenance

1. Check whether the loose air hole is rusty or damp; 2. Check the water flow; 3. Clean injection mold thimble; 4. Check whether there are wear marks, scratches or wiping between guide rod and guide sleeve.

Two color injection mold case sharing

Instrument shell two-color mold, socket plastic shell two-color mold, plastic handle two-color mold, radiator shell two-color mold,Power case two-color mold, radiator plastic shell two-color injection molding, power tools two-color mold injection molding,

Electric toothbrush two-color injection molding, battery case shell two-color mold and bottle cap shell two-color mold.


The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection molding mold welcome to contact us!




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