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Deterioration causes and treatment measures of injection molds
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Deterioration causes and treatment measures of injection molds

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Deterioration causes and treatment measures of injection molds

When an injection mold is used for mass production of injection-molded products, the function of the mold just after being made is gradually reduced. Functional deterioration, specifically, refers to burrs and component damage due to wear.

Decreased functionality of mechanical equipment, including molds, is called "deterioration". Deterioration can be roughly classified into the following three modes. (Refer to [Table])

[Table] Reasons and countermeasures for the deterioration of injection molds



Treatment measures

use deterioration


Breakage (shock, fatigue, creep)



friction loss, lubrication

 Vibration resistance, vibration pressure, lubrication


 Full protection, ergonomic

natural deterioration

Contamination (rust, dust), loss of control

Anti-rust, cleaning, dust-proof, 5S

disaster deterioration

Earthquake, Fire, Flood

water resistance, security


1. Use deterioration

Refers to the deterioration due to the use of the injection mold, such as wear and damage, corrosion, damage caused by operator misoperation, etc.

2. Natural deterioration

Deterioration caused by deformation or loss of control of injection mold parts due to rust, dust, retained austenite, etc.

3. Disaster deterioration

This refers to degraded contents such as accidental rust or burn damage due to earthquakes, fires and floods.

Deterioration of injection molds cannot be completely avoided, but functions that have deteriorated can be restored through proper maintenance (maintenance management).




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