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Defects and solutions of transparent plastic injection molding
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Defects and solutions of transparent plastic injection molding

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Defects and solutions of transparent plastic injection molding

Transparent plastic injection molding is a common manufacturing process, widely used in the production of various plastic products. However, in the manufacturing process, due to various reasons, there may be some defects that affect the quality of the product.

(1) Silver grain: by the mold filling and condensation process, the influence of internal stress anisotropy, the stress generated in the vertical direction, so that the resin has a flow orientation, and the non-flow orientation produces a different refractive index and flash silk, when it expands, it may cause cracks in the product. In addition to the injection molding process and mold attention, the best product for annealing treatment. For example, PC material can be heated to more than 160 ° C for 3-5 minutes, and then cooled naturally.

(2) Bubbles: the water and other gases in the main resin can not be discharged, (in the mold condensation process) or due to insufficient mold filling, the condensation surface is too fast to condense and form a "vacuum bubble".


(3) Poor surface luster: the main mold roughness is large, on the other hand, condensation is too early, so that the resin can not copy the state of the mold surface, all of which make its surface produce small uneven, and make the product tarnish.

(4) Seismic marks: refers to the dense ripples formed from the center of the straight gate, the reason is that due to the excessive viscosity of the melt, the front end material has been condensed in the cavity, and the incoming material has broken through the condensing surface, and the surface has seismic marks.

(5) Whitening. Fog halo: mainly caused by dust falling into the raw material in the air or the water content of the raw material is too large.


(6) White smoke. Black spots: mainly due to the plastic in the barrel, due to local overheating and the formation of the barrel resin decomposition or deterioration.

In the process of transparent plastic injection molding, it is inevitable to encounter problems. The key is how to find and solve problems in time. Through the methods and strategies introduced above, the common defects of transparent plastic injection molding can be effectively dealt with, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency. At the same time, through continuous experience and technological innovation, we can also continuously optimize the production process to achieve more efficient and high-quality plastic products manufacturing.




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