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Connector open injection molding and development trend
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Connector open injection molding and development trend

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Connector open injection molding and development trend

1. Development of connector mold injection molding

The connector industry itself is also experiencing rapid development. The global connector market continues to grow, reaching $78 billion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $90 billion in 2023. In China, benefiting from the rapid development of downstream application industries such as communications, automobiles, and consumer electronics, the connector market has maintained rapid growth in recent years. In 2021, the size of China's connector market will reach US$25 billion, accounting for 32.05% of the global market share, becoming the world's largest connector sales market. As electronic products become thinner and lighter, connectors need to adapt to this trend and become miniaturized and thinner. This requires connector manufacturers to improve their processes and designs to meet requirements such as small size, low height, and narrow pitch. Connectors of the future are likely to become even smarter. For example, by adding an active IC to the connector, it can be turned into a smart cable that can monitor data. Such a connector can not only realize the transmission function, but also carry out intelligent judgment and protection to avoid damage to the power supply.


Second, the relationship and results of Fanshida connector injection mold

With the development of connectors in the direction of high frequency and high speed, wireless transmission, and intelligence. Fanshida connector molds need to be constantly innovated and upgraded to meet the new market demand. This includes continuous optimization and innovation in mold research and development, stamping, injection molding, assembly and other process links, as well as the introduction of advanced processing equipment and testing technology. Master the core technology, strengthen technology research and development, and maintain the leading edge of technology. Continuously improve product quality and performance to adapt to changes in market demand. To optimize mold design and improve production efficiency, mold manufacturing enterprises need to speed up the optimization of mold design and improve production efficiency. In the design of the mold structure, the reliability, stability and safety of the mold should be considered, and high-strength and high-hardness materials should be used to improve the life of the mold.


In the mold material, high-quality mold steel is used. Professional and senior engineering advanced processing technology. The mold structure is reasonable and the high-quality details are controlled to solve the problems of unstable production capacity, short service life, easy to produce sharp edges (burrs), mold deformation and so on. Connector Injection Mold Features: Advantages and disadvantages of connector mold inlay structure, special requirements for machining. The general principle of core assembly and segmentation.


Fanshida has a wide range of customer groups in the field of connector injection molds, covering many industries such as communications, automobiles, and consumer electronics. They maintain a close working relationship with customers, deeply understand customer needs and market trends, and provide customers with tailor-made mold solutions. Fanshida also pays attention to after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers receive timely and professional help in the process of use.




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