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Connector mold is not easy to do well, what are the difficulties?
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Connector mold is not easy to do well, what are the difficulties?

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Connector mold is not easy to do well, what are the difficulties?

The quality of connector mold determines whether the quality of connector is good enough. Limited by the level of connector mold industry, our connector products are still mainly at the low-end market. In the past two years, after the efforts of domestic connector mold manufacturers and connector manufacturers have made great progress, our connector to the high-end market forward a big step. As one of them, Fstad, through years of continuous exploration and research, has provided customers with a lot of high-end connector mold solutions, but also won the recognition of customers. Connector mold is not easy to do well, what are the difficulties?


There are four main difficulties to do a good job in connector mold:

1. Because the connector mold generally has hardware, it needs to use the process of insert molding. This process has relatively high technical requirements, and it takes several attempts to find the perfect solution, which requires a certain amount of technology and experience.

2, the connector mold needs to have a high level of mold design, how to carry out reasonable design is very important, because the terminal of different shapes, the connector has different structure, if the structure does not pay attention to the product is not qualified.


3, high precision equipment, connector terminals require high precision processing equipment, so the equipment is also a major problem restricting the development of the connector, but in recent years, the precision of domestic equipment is getting higher and higher or through the introduction of foreign high-precision advanced equipment, the precision of our connector mold and products is also getting higher and higher.


4. It has high requirements for equipment compatibility and high technical barriers. It adopts advanced CNC plane grinding, automatic optical curve grinding, slow thread cutting, machining center and other equipment combinations for production. Each of these processes must be delivered with high precision, leading to a high-end connector product.

Because the connector mold involves injection molding, terminal stamping, electroplating and other aspects, the future connector terminal mold requirements are increasingly high, which is the connector interface miniaturization, high data transmission rate and other trends. The MISSION OF FSTAD IS TO MASTER THE CORE TECHNOLOGY OF injection MOLDING production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the rapid mass production and the finished product quality is excellent!




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