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Classification and characteristics of lateral core-pulling mechanism of injection mold
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Classification and characteristics of lateral core-pulling mechanism of injection mold

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Classification and characteristics of lateral core-pulling mechanism of injection mold

Injection mold lateral parting and core-pulling mechanism can be divided into manual, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic three types according to its power source. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent!

(1) Manual side parting core-pulling of injection mold

The mold structure is relatively simple, and the production efficiency is low, the labor intensity is large, the pulling force is limited. Therefore, it is suitable for special occasions, such as trial production of new products, production of small batch products, etc.

(2) Dynamic lateral parting core-pulling of injection mold

When opening the mold, relying on the opening power of the injection molding machine, the direction of movement is changed through the lateral core pulling mechanism to pull out the moving parts. Mechanical core-pulling has the advantages of convenient operation, high production efficiency and easy to realize automatic production. Although the mold structure is complex, it is still widely used in production. According to the structure of the mobile core-pulling, there are mainly different forms: oblique guide column core-pulling, bent pin core-pulling, inclined slide block core-pulling, rack and pinion core-pulling, spring core-pulling and so on.


① Inclined guide column parting core pulling: with the opening force of the injection molding machine as the pulling force; The structure is simple, for the medium and small core pulling use is more common; It is used to draw the core which is close to the parting surface and the drawing force is not too large. Large opening distance required for core pulling; The extraction direction is generally required to be parallel to the parting surface; The delay core-pulling distance is short.

② Bent pin parting core-pulling: used to pull out the core far away from the vertical parting surface; Compared with the inclined guide column, the bending pin with the same section can bear larger pulling force. Delay core-pulling distance is large; The bent pin can be located on the outside of the mold, compact structure.

③ Inclined sliding block parting core-pulling: suitable for extraction side forming depth is shallow, large area of concave and convex surface; Core-pulling and push-out actions are completed at the same time: the parting of the inclined slide block is conducive to changing the general overflow and exhaust conditions: the inclined slide block is locked through the die sleeve, and the locking force is related to the locking force.

④Rack and pinion parting core-pulling:

Draw out the core at any Angle to the parting surface and the pulling force is not large; The core pulling stroke is equal to the core pulling distance, can be extracted longer core; Long distance delay core-pulling can be realized; The mold structure is complex.


(3) Injection mold hydraulic or pneumatic side parting core withdrawal

The system takes pressure oil or compressed air as the core-pulling power, and a special cylinder or cylinder is configured on the mold to carry out lateral parting, core-pulling and resetting mechanism through the reciprocating movement of the movable shaft. The main characteristics of this kind of mechanism are long drawing distance, large drawing force, flexible action, not restricted by the mold opening process, often used in large injection mold. Especially suitable for injection molding machine with oil cylinder.




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