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China's high-precision mold accessories to improve the quality - Fan Shida
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China's high-precision mold accessories to improve the quality - Fan Shida

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China's high-precision mold accessories to improve the quality - Fan Shida

Improving the quality of China's high-precision mold parts is a complex task involving many factors. Here are some key measures and strategies that can help improve the quality of high-precision mold parts:


1. Optimize design and material selection: The design of mold accessories should be reasonable, fully consider the technical requirements and structural characteristics of the parts, and ensure the manufacturability and feasibility of mold manufacturing. At the same time, when selecting materials, factors such as the performance and cost of materials, as well as the type and processing speed of molds, should be taken into account to meet customers' requirements for product quality.

2. Improve the surface wear resistance: the main forming parts of the mold county are strengthened to improve the wear resistance of the surface of the mold parts. This requires the selection of appropriate strengthening methods according to the molds used for different purposes.

3. Ensure machining accuracy: The processing technology and machining accuracy in the mold manufacturing process have an important impact on the service life of the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the machining accuracy in the mold manufacturing process to ensure the accuracy and quality of the mold accessories.


4. Strengthen maintenance and management: carry out planned protective maintenance of the mold, and prevent possible problems in the production of the mold through data processing in the maintenance process, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, and at the same time, establish a sound mold parts management system to ensure that the storage, use and replacement of accessories are carried out in a controlled state

5. Technological innovation and R&D: Encourage and support the technological innovation and R&D activities of mold manufacturing enterprises, and promote the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials in mold manufacturing to improve the quality and performance of mold accessories.

6. Strengthen industry cooperation and exchanges: strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the mold manufacturing industry, share technical resources and experience, and promote the progress and development of the industry as a whole. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream industries to achieve the coordinated development of the industrial chain.


Through the implementation of measures such as optimizing design, improving machining accuracy, strengthening maintenance management, promoting technological innovation and strengthening industry cooperation, Fanshida can gradually improve the quality and competitiveness of China's high-precision mold accessories.




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