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Causes and solutions of size deviation in nylon injection molding
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Causes and solutions of size deviation in nylon injection molding

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Causes and solutions of size deviation in nylon injection molding

There are many reasons for the size deviation of nylon injection molding, among which the main reason is that the plasticizing capacity of the injection molding machine is small or the hopper throat is insufficient, resulting in the inability to ensure that each injection molding can get uniform plasticizing effect. In addition, the choice of thermocouple type is not right, thermocouple loose or damaged, injection volume and plasticizing capacity is insufficient, there is no stable melting hot material each operation and other factors will also lead to size deviation problems.


To solve the above problems, we can adopt the following solutions:

1. Improve injection molding process: By optimizing injection molding parameters, such as injection molding speed, injection molding pressure, injection molding temperature, etc., to improve the plastination effect. At the same time, the screw, cylinder and other parts of the injection molding machine need to be properly maintained and cleaned to ensure the quality of injection molding.

2. Choose the right material: Although nylon is a good material, but its injection performance and toughness is poor. Therefore, when choosing nylon material, need to choose suitable for nylon material injection equipment and process parameters, to ensure the quality of products.

3. Equipment upgrade: For the equipment with serious size deviation problem, we need to upgrade its equipment configuration and technological level. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the stability of equipment operation, and carry out regular maintenance and overhaul.

4. Precise control of temperature and molten flow: accurate control of the distribution coefficient of hot melt fluidity is an important factor. By using a high precision temperature controller and a melt flow control system, it is possible to ensure a uniform plastination effect for each injection.

5. Establishment of data analysis system: by recording and analyzing the data of each injection molding, problems can be found and injection molding process and equipment parameters can be adjusted timely. This helps to improve injection molding quality and production efficiency.


In the process of nylon injection molding, it is very important to ensure the quality of the product. To solve the problem of size deviation is the key to improve product quality. We can improve the quality of nylon injection molding by improving the injection process, selecting suitable materials and equipment. At the same time, the establishment of data analysis system also helps to find problems in time and make adjustments.




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