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Cause analysis of discoloration in injection mold
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Cause analysis of discoloration in injection mold

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Cause analysis of discoloration in injection mold

The reasons for discoloration of injection moulds can mainly be found from the four aspects of raw materials, injection molding process, injection moulds and injection molding machines. In plastic injection molding, sometimes there will be plastic discoloration, which is also a headache, which requires us to analyze and summarize, so that the follow-up can quickly solve or avoid similar problems.

Injection mold molding raw materials mainly depends on whether the material is polluted, whether the content of moisture and volatile matter is too high, or whether the colorant and additive are decomposed well.


Injection molding process is mainly likely to be too high screw speed, pre-plastic back pressure is too large; Or the cylinder, nozzle temperature is too high; Finally, see whether the injection pressure is too high, the time is too long, the injection speed is too fast to make the product discoloration.

Injection mold can mainly from the injection mold exhaust and oxygen violent reaction to burn plastic; Injection mold gate is too small; And material or mold lubricants, release agent too much to analyze.

Injection molding machine mainly from the injection molding machine cleaning is not in place; The thermocouple, temperature controller or heating system on the injection molding machine is out of order; As well as the injection machine cylinder inside the obstacles to consider this.


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